Sheffield CAB Debt Support Unit

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Specialist Training for Advice Workers

Our Advice Support Training department delivers basic and specialist training packages for advisers and professionals in all areas of welfare advice and law.

The DSU has merged
Tuesday, 01 October 2013 11:36

From 1 October 2013 Sheffield CAB Debt Support Unit has joined with other advice agencies across Sheffield to form Sheffield Citizens Advice. For further information about this please see

Free Computer Access for claiming benefits
Monday, 13 May 2013 07:24

This April has seen the start of some social security benefits being claimed only through an online claim. We thought that we would take the opportunity of promoting UK Online centres that provide computers free for public use, and in many cases also offer free courses to improve computer skills.  You can find UK Online centres near to you on their website just by entering your post code. - UK Online website

Sheffield's Libraries also provide bookable free computer access to library members - see the Council website which also has library opening times.

You can obviously do other things with computer access, such as finding information that may help you sort out a query yourself without needing to see an adviser.  We recommend the Advice Sheffield website, and the CAB Advice Guide website.

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Manage Your Money

The DSU has launched it's website for the Improving Financial Confidence Project.

The project itself aims to build up money management skills with people across the city, through a variety of ways. Our project workers work on a one-to-one basis with first time social housing tenants and we also run workshops and events based around the city. If you would like to find out more about our events and workshops, or get information and tips on managing your money visit the website at


Project Logo



Money and Debt Self-help

The Advice Sheffield website has information on money advice issues and dealing with debt, and links to useful online resources.

See the website at Information on any advice issue can also be found on Adviceguide, self help from Citizens Advice.

Find Advice Locally

If the online information does not provide the information that you need, a local advice centre in your neighbourhood may be able to help - see the Advice Sheffield website by clicking on the logo above.

ADVICELINE - 0114 2 055 055

 Report a Loan Shark!

Get further info on loan sharks. Picture of shark

If you need to report a loan shark in confidence:

Face-to-face Debt Advice

Our Face-to-face Debt Advice Project is part of a partnership with the Money Advice Service and Citizens Advice aimed at increasing the provision of free face-to-face debt advice in England and Wales.

As part of this project Sheffield CAB Debt Support Unit trains, manages and supports face-to-face debt advisers across a number of Sheffield's advice centres and Citizens Advice Bureaux.

More information and how to get advice.